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    “Have you heard about it? About a girl who actually see another her across the street?” Don’t mind her now, she’s just into urban legends lately. 

                “A.. mimic? A youmu?” She doesn’t understand. Apparently she doesn’t socialize enough to hear of urban legends and rumors.

                I’ve been so stumped by homework and work and after school reading that I could barely even blog… I’d just like to report that my luck is still no good!

                Not this again!! The lights went out! 

Kuriyama Mirai being such a cute dork. (◡‿◡✿)


“It’s not really that amazing, is it?” He was a little puzzled since—well, it didn’t seem like that big of a thing to actually be amazed about. This was just something that the Nase family did, not to mention it wasn’t like anyone of the family was really expected to not make a living protecting the district and the humans that were in it.

—What a strange girl…


“Mm?—Ah… you don’t have to think me like that, you know…” But he’d still take her words to heart regardless. “But anyways, let’s work well together in the future…~”

                She nods to confirm his words, silently letting the situation settle as she eased her tense stance.

                Never did she thought that she would have comrades. She never thought that she would ever work alongside anyone ever again, let alone someone accepting her despite knowing who she is and what her powers were. Caustic blood, destroying everything it touches, a fitting power for someone so alienated. A clan so hated.

                It could be that he and his sister was here to keep watch over her like they do with Akihito, but if that was the price of their friendship then she’s more than okay with that. “Y..yeah. I wouldn’t want to cause trouble. Though, I might have to go on a hunt again later since… ah, mn. Maybe we’ll run into each other again later!”


I’ve lost control of my life | [x]


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I see quite a few new faces today!


Hello everyone! My name is Detective Bobby Fulbright and I am always at your service!

In justice we trust!

                “I—In justice…. we trust?” That’s certainly the first she’s ever heard that before. “Is that like a personal slogan, Mister Detective?”



“Ah—Kuriyama-san… I’m not asking you to hold my hand though…?”

One part of Hiro’omi was legitimately confused and concerned as to where she got that idea from. The other part—well, needless to say it wanted to kick his own ass for making such an ideal little sister figure cry/nearly cry/whatever you want to call this mess.

“Perhaps… Kuriyama-san misunderstood? I just want you to touch me so you understand why I must wear my scarf, that’s all. It’s just a few seconds at best and not that big of a deal. Perhaps it was just too much to ask at one time—?”

                …. It looks like she jumped into conclusions yet again. But since it was just that, it’s okay, right?

                Eventually she snaps out of it, tentatively reaching for his hands and — !! Cold! Very cold! “Ah! Does.. senpai have poor circulation?” Obviously someone like her wouldn’t have a problem with that, but seeing how cold his hands were, that might just be what was wrong.

                Then she cants her head just slightly; tugging at his hands gingerly to put them on her cheeks. Aaaaaah so cold!! But, she felt bad for all the misunderstandings and the least she could do was attempt to warm his digits. “Then doesn’t that mean you should wear gloves too?”


October 2013
Miniature Red Phalaenopsis Orchid - (Individual Flowers are the size of a U.S. Nickel)


October 2013

Miniature Red Phalaenopsis Orchid - (Individual Flowers are the size of a U.S. Nickel)

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